There is just something about a good story. It can move you, inspire you, and influence you. Written, auditory, visual…it can take any medium and any style and still provoke thought. 

I chose storytelling as my profession because it has been my passion since I was young. I wrote short stories and shared them with all my friends. In eighth and ninth grade, I would print copies of my stories and hand them out to classmates. In college I started an online magazine called Vayn, where I published stories and poems of my friends as well as myself. 

But one class in undergrad put me on a path no one expected. Shooting and Lighting. I discovered film, and i immediately felt at home in it. Creating a moving, visual representation of my stories made absolute sense. I immediately innundated myself with film, learning as much about the craft as I could, while creating short documentaries with my little pro-sumer camcorder. 

After I graduated college (Drexel University c/o 2008), moved to DC. I rented a room for a month, stayed with a family friend for another month and a half, and tried my hardest to find a job. I was constantly going on interviews, applied at temp agencies, etc. On the verge of being homeless and jobless, I left and went back to my mother’s house. I was in complete despair. My grandmother implored me to come to California. I applied to graduate school and got in, and the rest is history!

I really dug deep in filmmaking in California. I learned the basics of the art, developing a story, utilizing the old and new technology to help convey it. I loved having my hands in every part of filmmaking, from screenwriting to producing to directing to cinematography to acting to editing! EVERYTHING! This was truly my calling.

This blog will be about the films I create as well as the inspiration behind them. I want this to be an interactive space where people can view the films and comment, share their own experiences and feelings about what they have just viewed. Pass the link on to your friends!!

Jun 24 -
The Art

Our Goal: To make quality independent films for American minority groups that educate, entertain, and uplift the communities they represent as well as the artists who create for them. We will accomplish this by owning and controlling our own means of production and distribution.