Jun 24 -

Written and Directed By: Katrina Mitchell

Starring Angel Moore, Kimberly Reed, and Martin Layton-Santos

This story is inspired by Yoruba Mythology. Shango is a major orisha, and in the original story he has three wives. I have adapted it to two, Oba and Oshun. Oba is the senior wife, but Shango is not in love with her like he is in love with Oshun. Oshun is his perfect counterpart; he is all things masculine and she is all things feminine. Shango really loves her cooking, a fact that makes Oba insanely jealous. So Oba asks Oshun what she does to make Shango love her. Oshun, sensing the opportunity to trick Oba, tells her she takes a piece of skin from her ear, dries it in the sun, grinds it into a fine powder, and puts it in the food she serves Shango. After eating, his craving for her is insatiable. The movie picks up from this point. 

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